06 September 2007

Their true religion?

The secessionists are beginning to reveal something about the kind of church they want and about the Gospel they preach. I hope the congregations in the US who are affiliating with them, and their newly minted bishops, are reading the latest.

From Nigeria comes this: "Homosexuality and lesbianism are inhuman. Those who practice them are insane, satanic and are not fit to live because they are rebels to God's purpose for man." These hateful words, oft-quoted in the blogosphere over the last day or so, are from the Bishop of Uyo. (see update, below)

Not fit to live? That means it's OK to kill them? This is not only an outrage in the realm of human decency, it's a sinful invitation to ignore Christ's teachings of love. I can live with the idea that Bishop Orama considers gays and lesbians to be his enemies. But I don't think he has read his Bible. Jesus says to love your enemies, not kill them. Oh, and this outrage is a violation of the recent Anglican pronouncements the secessionist crowd likes to (selectively) quote.

Here's this, from Paragraph 146 of the Windsor Report: "Moreover, any demonising of homosexual persons, or their ill treatment, is totally against Christian charity and basic principles of pastoral care."

A quote from Lambeth 1.10: "...calls on all our people to minister pastorally and sensitively to all irrespective of sexual orientation and to condemn irrational fear of homosexuals..."

Oddly, I could only find one conservative who condemned this invitation to kill GLBT Christians, while others seem to think it's not all that bad.

So if you're considering joining one of these breakaway pseudo-Anglican churches, ponder this:
  • Many of these people teach a total disregard for the human lives of those with whom they disagree.
  • Many of these people reject the teachings and practice of Anglican Christianity, including recent statements of the Instruments of Communion. While the progressive wing cannot -- and might not wish to -- claim "Windsor compliance," it is certainly true that the secessionists have no use for any conventional Anglican authority.
  • Many of these people, as evidenced by the proliferation of sundry bishops, have no desire to foster catholic Christianity.
This is not just the bishop of a diocese in distant Nigeria. This is +Martyn Minns' colleague in his House of Bishops. What does Bishop Minns have to say about this? What do this who file into the Truro Church each Sunday have to say about the teachings of their church? I hope someone shows up at their vestry meeting with lots of questions.

UPDATE: Over at Stand Firm, there is a post saying that the UPI report was incorrect. We'll need to see how this all turns out. Many of my points, above, remain. Remarks similar to these are consonant with other Church of Nigeria statements, and CANA members in the US should still ask questions, especially in light of the failure of +Minns, et al, to speak up. There is also no public statement distancing Akinola from these remarks on the Church of Nigeria website. Thankfully, The Lead is reporting that +Rowan Williams is looking into these remarks, and he has repudiated the statement.


Lisa said...

Preach it, my brother. This stuff is truly despicable.


For the love of god, its time for the Anglican church to return to Rome. We all need a voice of authority.