07 September 2007

Titus Presler: Keeping the Communion

Via the Admiral of Morality, I learned about an essay of Titus Presler+. You can find the full essay here (PDF, 41MB!).

Here's a sample:
Search out opportunities to get to know personally Anglicans from other parts of the world. Your congregation may have visitors or members with whom conversation about the issues would be illuminating. Explore how you and your parish can participate in the diocese’s international progams and missions. Sometimes we Episcopalians are global citizens in our work while remaining very limited in our Church awareness.

If your work takes you abroad, make a point before traveling to find out about the Anglican province where you’ll be. Begin web-surfing at www.anglicancommunion.org, which can lead you to service times at and directions to parishes in Tokyo, Sao Paulo, Nairobi, Mexico City or wherever. Episcopal missionaries working in the area are especially valuable contacts, and you can find them by checking the missionary roster at www.episcopalchurch.org.

A hurting world needs desperately the kind of global network for companionship in mission that the Anglican Communion historically has provided. Now in the hurt and alienation of our own Communion, each of us can play a part in rebuilding the trust, the companionship and the mission.
Prior to ordination, I did a fair amount of international travel, and I've done some since then as well. I fully agree with Pressler's advice. For example, when I had a chance to talk with ordinary Tanzanians during the Primates' Meeting last February, I got a wholly different picture of the church in Tanzania. Primates do not speak for every Anglican in their provinces.

We need to make these personal connections, and our world needs a global voice that has a greater purpose than making a buck. There are many reasons to treasure the Anglican Communion, but one of them must surely be the global view that can inform Anglican Christianity, and help us share the Gospel with the whole world.

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