01 October 2007

Pares inter pares

Meanwhile in England we have no popes. But we have had two Archbishops (as well as our normal complement) at the request of Inclusive Church. The Archbishop of Mexico and the Primus of Scotland - both speaking at a number of events around the country (well, in London and Manchester!).

You can read Bishop Idris' talk here. And very good it is too. His main point was that "Anglicanism is a system of doctrine and practice upheld by those in communion with the See of Canterbury." That's it. Nothing else. His take on the Covenant is that it's the last thing we need; we don't need more structure, we need less. A simple way to ensure that Lambeth is successful would be, he thought, to ask all the Bishops to confirm (a) that they will be there and (b) that they will take Communion. End of subject. "Actually" he says "I can suggest the wording of a Covenant like this - " As sisters and brothers in Christ we pledge ourselves to remain together in spite of any differences that arise” "

Meanwhile Archbishop Carlos of Mexico spoke about the history of the Anglican Church in Mexico. Like those of Brazil, Cuba and El Salvador, it grew out of a sense that that the formality and hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church presented too narrow a sense of the Gospel; the Anglican churches in all those countries are indigenous, and adopted Anglicanism when they recognised that it offered the breadth, conviction and diversity they needed. Sound familiar? His talk will be posted soon.

Archbishop Carlos began his sermon in Southwark Cathedral with the question "Anglicans in Mexico? I am happy to answer with a joyful 'yes' " At the end of his visit he told me that the impression of the Church of England in Mexico is that it is dying..... so he's delighted to be able to go back to Mexico and say "Anglicans in England? I am happy to answer with a joyful 'yes' "

More about their visit later.....

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