22 November 2007

Canterbury supports realignment in Texas?

The Living Church supplies this:
Bishop Frank Lyons of Bolivia, a guest at the Diocese of Fort Worth's annual convention, told delegates and visitors that Archbishop Gregory Venables had "received a positive response" from Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams last September when he informed Archbishop Williams that his province would likely extend a formal invitation to Fort Worth and other U.S. dioceses.
If this report is accurate, it would contain surprising news. I find it difficult to believe that Rowan would lend unqualified support to this move. As others have noted, it's easy to misread Rowan -- we need look no further than the recent confusion around his letter to Bishop Howe of Florida. When we see something in writing from Lambeth Palace, we'll have something substantive to digest.

For now, I caution progressives not to worry too much, and I caution those in Fort Worth and the Southern Cone not to imagine that they have support for their secessionist plans. I also suggest that we should wonder why Bishop Iker might care about the Archbishop of Canterbury; if ECUSA is a fantasy, as Iker says, then why should he think the Anglican Communion is real?

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