21 November 2007

Clearing the deck

I'm at Drenched in Grace now. You'll hear more about that soon (tonight, even), but I thought I should clear up my bloglines backlog (or should I say "backblog") first. Lots of stuff has happened recently, during my silence. No time to comment on all of it, so here are a few brief random rants.

  • The grip on reality is disappearing with a few bishops, it seems. Bishop Iker of Forth Worth says there is no national Episcopal Church. Really? Which canons authorized him to become bishop? Who has he been pontificating to at House of Bishops' meetings. This commentary gets it about right.
  • In another slip from Anglican reality, the Diocese of Pittsburgh now considers itself independent, able to absorb parishes from any place on the planet at will. The first reading of a constitutional change was approved. Despite a clear conflict with the (real, actually) national canons, Pittsburgh thinks they can do their own thing. And they will feign shock -- shock! -- when ecclesiastical discipline is enforced.
  • In another fun chapter in the Iker-Duncan saga, Duncan is now pretending that he is like Martin Luther. (How he can be both a pope with conclaves and a reformer is beyond me!) Of course, the problem is that Luther did not leave his church. He took a bold stand and faced the consequences. The far right is trying to redefine reality to get themselves off the legal and ecclesiastical hook. It won't work, I'm afraid.
  • Rowan set off a few flares with his correspondence with Bishop Howe. Like much else in Anglicanism there days, people on both ends of the spectrum reacted, apparently without reading what Rowan actually wrote. It turns out that Rowan believes that parishes are not independent bodies, free agents able to move about at will. No surprise there, at least for me.
  • The province of the Southern Cone seems to have grand ideas. Now they're vying with Pittsburgh to take in cranks the world throughout. Who will me the last purple-wearer standing? Archishop Venables or The Pope of Pittsburgh. (Notice that I've refrained from using the title of some wags: The Queen of Quittsburgh.)
  • Lots of news from Canada, where people are moving ahead with inclusion, despite the Communion concerns of some. ECUSA leaders will welcome the company, I'm sure. Meanwhile, may I remind everyone that SSBs are happening regularly in Rowan's own province. So if Lambeth Palace is going to point a finger at people for carrying out SSBs, remember that when you point one finger at someone else, three point back at you.
  • Oh, in closing for now, I should also point out that people on the left can lose the grip on reality as well. Let's all remember to be charitable, or at least cheerily cheeky.
OK, I'm off to eat dinner. Then Jenny Plane Te Paa (of ACC fame) is addressing our conference. Look for news -- and a photo, perhaps -- here later tonight.

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