22 November 2007

Our sound is our wound: audio of an address by the Revd Canon Lucy Winkett

Here is audio of a stunningly powerful address by Lucy Winkett, precentor of St. Paul's Cathedral, London. Winkett's topics span a range from liturgy, relevance of the church, sexism, sexuality, and the core message of Christianity. If this sounds like too many topics for one speech, just have a listen to this rhetorical tour de force.

My understanding is that we'll have full text to post later tonight or tomorrow morning.


Ariel Levy said...
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john said...

my wife and I have been moved , inspired, and challenged by this wonderful talk, we thank God for such a heart and mind in the service of Jesus.We happen to be professional violinists who play in a quartet and
try to use our music on occasion in Worship.
The need for vulnerability in our lives is also reflected in the yearning for the psalm of lament, so often missing from our church expression.