19 February 2008

Uganda clarifies, and a new blog is born

Trying to understand the problems in the Anglican Communion can be confusing, on a good day. Some conservatives say the situation is not about homosexuality, but rather about authority. And then they flout the Bible and subvert authority. See, for example, the news coming out of Uganda.

I've written a bit about this over on my new blog, "Seven whole days." Here's the sample:
While some will rejoice to have these “troublemakers” gone, I believe our Communion will be diminished as another wound divides the Body of Christ... Many of us would say that there is an Anglican identity worth treasuring and preserving, as one distinct expression of the Christian faith. It is not, to be sure, an anything-goes faith, but it is a comprehensive faith, able to hold together diverse expressions. Uganda may not manifest this, but neighboring Tanzania is a marvelous tapestry of evangelical fervor and catholic beauty. If we move away from an Anglican identity to an exclusivist (”You must agree with me to be in communion with me”), then Christendom has lost a reconciling tradition, and that is regrettable.
Why am I linking to my own blog here? Well, this post marks a bit of a transition. I may post some things here, but this blog will likely morph into a blog of official announcements of Inclusive Church events, trips, activities, and occasional rants. Why the change?

When I attended "Drenched in Grace" last fall, I heard Jenny Te Paa clearly, especially when she identified "male bloggers" as one of the principal catalysts for our schism, or at least our failure to reconcile. After some reflection, it seemed that she's right.

I might be tempted to point a finger at places like Stand Firm, but the truth is that the left has managed to have an internal conversation on the blogs, stirring ourselves into a bunker mentality at times. At first, I considered withdrawing entirely from the blogosphere. While I've enjoyed blogging, I did not want to be another shrill voice in the cacophony of dissent now facing our Communion.

Then I reflected on the posts that I've enjoyed writing the most, and which have provoked the most positive reaction. These were quite often irenic posts, in which the crisis of the Communion is situated relative to the crises of parish life, or the lives within a parish.

So I've decided to largely forego this particular forum, which almost invites a response to every Cantuarian eyebrow twitch. Instead, I'll write mostly about things that matter to me in a more mundane sense. What's happening the parish? What seems interesting in the wider blogosphere? And what might be worth a good rant or a hearty laugh?

So keep your RSS reader pointed at this blog. And maybe add Seven whole days to your list.

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